Sunday: Sung Mass  at 10:30 AM is a joyful community celebration to make you feel uplifted when you leave, except in Advent and Lent when it is more subdued, introspective and reflective to prepare for Christmas and Easter respectively. This Mass is our main event of the week and lasts about an hour, sometimes more on important days. Most of this service is sung emphasizing musical participation by the entire assembly led by a professional accompanist. Other musicians, be they singers or instrumentalists, are invited to assist. We offer incense on feast days and other times when appropriate. This Mass features a homily. Any visiting clergy ordained in the Apostolic Succession are invited to concelebrate vested in alb and stole matching the color of the day. Visiting acolytes will be accommodated if at all possible. And to those of you who compose music for the liturgy: please submit your offerings to the pastor for scheduling.
Preaching:  We have a preaching Rota. Rev. David Justin Lynch, Rev. Dcn Charles Burns, Rev. Richard Matgen, and Ms. Sharon Kay Talley preach in rotation every fourth Sunday. In five week months, we host a guest preacher from outside the parish.  Anyone wanting to preach is encouraged to contact the Pastor. We welcome lay preachers as well as clergy.
House Mass: If you would like Mass celebrated in your home, please contact the Pastor to make arrangements.
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