Music: We welcome all singers, instrumentalists, composers and listeners. We have a paid professional Cantor, but other singers are welcome to participate on a volunteer basis and to present prepared solos/ensembles. Please speak to the Music Director, Ms. Natalya Koren.
Altar Servers: This ministry is vital to all worship services. Servers prepare the Altar for worship, assist the clergy with the sacred vessels, carry candles, crosses and incense, ring bells, bring the offering to the altar, and clean up after the service. Please speak to the Pastor to participate in this ministry.
Readers: Except for the Gospel, lay persons read all scripture selections. On Sundays, the readings are chanted. Readers may vest in albs and be part of the Altar Party if they choose. Please speak to the Parish Deacon to participate in this ministry.
Gift Bearers: They bring forward the bread, wine and money offerings to the server for presentation at the Altar. Please contact the Parish Deacon regarding this ministry.
Hospitality: These ministers greet people as they arrive, hand out worship booklets, point out the location of the restroom, assist with those who need help being seated, and prepare for and clean-up our Coffee Hour after Mass. Please contact the Parish Deacon to participate in this ministry.
Media  Ministry: This ministry requires the ability and knowledge sufficient to operate video and still digital cameras to assist us in recording and photographing our services for publicity and website purposes. Speak to the Pastor if you have skills in this area.
Preaching: Those who feel called preach are invited to discuss their calling with the Pastor.